Brewery Philosophy


原材料はシンプルですが、それらの品種、糖化方法、水質調整、発酵管理、副原料など、ビールの味に影響を与える変数は数多くあり、出来上がるビールの味・香りの組合せは無限大です。それらの変数をいかに理解し、コントロールするか。そこがブリュワリーの知識と技術の見せ所。DD4D BREWINGは伝統的な製造手法を踏襲しつつ、現代の様々な手法を取り入れ、ホップの香りが爆発するIPAから酸味の効いたサワーエールまで多様なスタイルを追求し、世界に通用する高品質なビールを造り続けます。

At the basic level, the ingredients of beer are nothing more than water, malt, hops, and yeast.
Although such ingredients appear simple, there are many variables that may affect the taste of beer, such as different varieties of malt, hops, and yeast, a brewery's mashing schedule, management of source water, fermentation control, the use of adjunct ingredients. Thus, the possible combinations of taste and aroma are infinite.
How we understand these variables and how we control them is exactly the way in which a brewery can demonstrate its knowledge and technique. DD4D follows traditional methods while utilizing various modern techniques. Pursing a great number of styles, from an explosively hoppy IPA to a distinctive sour ale, we will continue to brew world-class, high quality, and exciting beer!